5 Best Android Podcast Apps


Using Podcast app is the best way to keep yourself with the daily news and updates. With podcast apps you will be able to subscribe your desired podcasts and listen or stream them easily. There are lots of paid and free Android podcast apps available for Android. But of the apps are not the best so, here in this post I’m going to share 5 best Android podcast apps 2014.

1. BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod is the best Android Podcast app. It is a full featured podcast manager for Android. It has got lots of features with it along with Podcast manager. BeyondPod can used for different purposed like RSS feed reader for subscribing RSS/Atom feeds, downloading, listening or watching podcast direct right on your Android. You can also integrate it with Google reader. One my favorite feature in BeyondPod is its flexible download scheduler. Lets have a look on its noteworthy features.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager


  • Powerful podcast download engine to easily download new contents in background mode. It also let you choose how many podcasts to download and how long to keep the old versions.
  • BeyondPod provides full control for downloading podcast in your own way. You can easily update a single feed or feeds from your desired category.
  • It Smart Playlist automatically generates podcast based list based on your listening preference and which listen most.
  • Set sleep time to automatically turn of the playback after the period of time. Its really a great feature.

2. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is another best Android Podcast app. It’s a simple and easy to use podcast app for Android. Just add your favorite and desired podcasts and Pocket cast will automatically download or stream the new podcast and you will be able to get them whenever you want. It’s the best podcast manger to listen podcasts.

Pocket Casts best android app


  • Pocket Casts provides the best Syncing and Backup service which let you easily synchronize and backup your subscriptions, podcasts, playlist and many more.
  • Powerful and smart playlist automatically generates separate playlist for unplayed podcasts, downloaded podcasts and many more.
  • Awesome interface for both tablet and phone it has also two available themes to choose from. The themes are Dark and Light.
  • Sleep timer feature automatically turn off the playback of podcasts after a period of time.
  • Video and audio feature lets you toggle video podcasts to audio.
  • Easily share your favorite podcasts with your friends.

3. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a great Android podcast app which let you easily manage all your audio and video Podcasts right from your Android. You can easily subscribe to your favorite podcasts using the available embedded networks. Podcast Addict also let you import your podcasts subscriptions from an iTunes or Google OPML export file. Podcast Addict has got lots of features. Lets have a look on its features.

Podcast Addict android podcast app


  • Easily manage Audio and Video podcast.
  • Both download and streaming support.
  • Automatic download, update and deletion.
  • Its audio and video player supports resuming.
  • Sleep timer feature to automatically turn off playback after a definite period of time.

4. Podkicker Podcast Player

Podkicker is a simple Android podcast app. It’s a great alternative to all the bloated podcatchers. If you are missing the Google listen then I suggest you to give Podkicker a try. Podkicker Podcast Player comes with awesome features. Some of its features are as below.

Podkicker Podcast Player


  • Support both audio and video.
  • Import or Export OPML podcast files.
  • Stream or download your desired podcasts.
  • Provides podcast recommendations based on your current subscription.

5. Podkeeper Free podcast player

Podkeeper is a little and free Android podcast app. Podkeeper is really a nice podcast player. It comes with lots of features. You don’t need to have an account or no password to remember. Easily sort and play podcasts episodes in order of publication date, in order downloaded or alphabetically. Let have a look on some of its features.

Podkeeper Free podcast player


  • Download podcast to your desired location like to an external memory card.
  • Automatically pause when a call comes in and resumes when the call is over.
  • Easily subscribe to your desired podcasts by searching, by URL, or via web browser integration.
  • Stream video podcasts with the default video player of your device.

So, guys let download the best Android podcast app and enjoy. Don’t forget let me know which of the best Android podcast apps 2014 you like most.

Last Updated on: 14 Apr 2014

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