5 Best Android VoIP Apps That Will Save You Money


The greatest downsides to nearly every smartphone on the market are the expensive voice and data plans that comes with it. Fortunately, one can sidestep a decent portion of those bills by relying on VoIP applications to make calls using WiFi connections. In many cases, crystal-clear calls can be made for free. Here are just five of the best Android VoIP apps available.


1. Line2 – Mobile VoIP

Paired with Google Voice, Line2 can practically replace a voice plan on the right device. It allows users to have separate extensions for SMS messages and voice calls. The free version enables unlimited VoIP calls to the United States and Canada. It also boasts Caller ID as well as call forwarding. Upgrade to the paid version to get conference calling and voicemail.

Line2 - Second Phone Number
Line2 Inc.
Package Name: com.toktumi.line2

2. Rebtel: Cheap and Free Calls

Rebtel android app Cheap and Free Calls

As the second most popular VoIP application on the planet, Rebtel is well-known for its impressive roster of features and respectable call quality. As with Skype, it enables you to make free calls to other Rebtel users. Its innovative “Keep Talking” feature allows users to seamlessly switch to voice plan minutes during a free VoIP call if you suddenly lose WiFi connectivity.

Cheap International Calls
Package Name: com.rebtel.android

3. fring Free Calls, Video & Text

fring Free Calls, Video & Text

Like just about every VoIP program on Google Play, Fring supports 100% free calls to any other Fring user. Fring’s major trump card in the VoIP space is its superlative group video chat functionality. It also boasts unlimited live IM chats. Thanks to its uniquely advanced DVQ technology, Fring can automatically deliver the best video and audio quality possible on your connection.

Package Name: com.fring

4. Linphone Video

Linphone best android voip app

Due to its opensource nature, Linphone is one of the most rapidly evolving VoIP apps available for Android. Fortunately, stability isn’t sacrificed in the name of progress. Linphone gives you the power to make free voice and video calls with the magic of VoIP. It supports nearly every audio codec currently in use and also features superb echo cancellation and contact sync.

Linphone Video
Belledonne communications
Package Name: org.linphone

5. Skype

Skype best voip app for android

Skype has always been one of the best VoIP programs on the market. Since its acquisition by Microsoft, Skype has continued to improve its mobile applications for all platforms including Android. With Skype, you can ring up anyone else with the program installed on their device for free. Unlimited calls to land lines and cellphones in the United States and Canada costs just $2.99 per month.

Skype - free IM & video calls
Package Name: com.skype.raider

Getting the Most from VoIP

At present, no single VoIP service offers every single feature you’re looking for at no cost. There’s always a trade-off between capabilities and price that you’ll have to consider when deciding on any application. However, there’s no reason why you can’t download all of these fine programs and use each one based on when it’s most convenient.

This article was provided by Jonny Grant, a VoIP expert at Packnet. As well as working within the business VoIP market, Jonny is also very keen on VoIP related consumer applications such as the apps reviewed here.

Last Updated on: 14 Apr 2014

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