Handrite note Notepad Pro – Best Handwritten Notes App for Android [Review]


We are living in an age where we are enjoying new discovers and making our business work better using different apps. Nowadays, people prefer their smart phone to get most of their tasks completed. People from every work sphere can find different apps, which let them made their work easier and comfortable. If you used to take notes, then there are lots of notes taking apps available on the app store for you. You’ll find different note taking apps, but the point is you might be looking for such a note taking app, which let you take handwritten note that is you can create handwritten notes. Today I’m going to share the best handwritten notes app for Android. Let’s have a look on the app.


Handrite note Notepad Pro

Handrite note Notepad Pro is an amazing note having app, which allows you to take write notes using your finger on the screen. This is the best handwritten notes app for Android I used ever. It has unlimited notebooks. You can export your note as PDF, you can write continuous so you can write fast as with pen and paper, it has so many paper styles, and you can select any of it when you write. You can make any text long and more options to setup a page style.

Handrite note Notepad Pro

How Handrite Notepad Pro works

It works so fast, and you can write easily what you express by your hand. It will help you to write in display, and it shows alphabets which you wrote. You can sketch symbols, number, pictures mathematical equations in your notepad. The app strokes your writing and shows what you drew there. You are in an important meeting or lecture when you suddenly realize that you forgot your notepad then you should use Handrite Note Noepad Pro for your help.


Who Uses Handrite Notepad

Peoples who wants to capture their thoughts and ideas taking notes and want their notes to get handwritten uses Handrite notepad. The app has got different toolbar and easy to write any text. If you are looking for the best handwritten notes app for Android, then you should install it on your phone so that you can take notes easily.



Handrite Notepad Pro is the best handwritten notes app for Android. And the app is easier to use because you can write anything with the help of a customizable pen in your display. Let me write out the main features of the app.

  • Create and save different types of pens adjusting line thickness and color to fit your needs.
  • You can copy and paste any text and pictures.
  • You easily can select backspace, space and can change your format.
  • Organizing notes by notebook, date, label and title.
  • You can write your text with customizable pen, where you can change your pen styles. It easily makes you writing look as pretty as from a fine fountain pen.
  • Options for inserting images in the body of your note page.
  • The app makes your notes and memos beautiful using different page styles.
  • Automatic spelling checkup.
  • Avoids the tedious task that you don’t want.
  • It has auto save text menu, and you will not lose any text you created.
  • You can also export your notes with a few taps on the screen.

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Package Name: my.handrite.prem

I think so that you will like Handrite note Notepad Pro. So, let’s download the best handwritten notes app for Android.


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