Deer Hunter 2014 for Android [Review]

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Deer Hunter 2014
Review of: Deer Hunter 2014
Ashraful Alam

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On Oct 19, 2013
Last modified:Nov 4, 2013


Get the nice Android game Deer Hunter 2014 for Android. Know more details about the popular game Deer Hunter 2014.

Hunting is very cruel when you think about it in real life, but when it’s like as a game that is very amazing and not bad at all to acquire an experience of hunting. It is well known that android is the most popular operating system over the world. At present there are over thousands of hunting games in Google play store, but it is very tough to find the most popular one for hunting. I am not good in hunting to play a game. After all now I am little bit a good hunter playing a hunting game in my android phone that is called Deer Hunter 2014. So I am going to introduce you all with this awesome hunting game.


Deer Hunter 2014 for Android


Deer Hunter 2014 is a hunting game for android user where FPS hunting simulator have been used and normally a game of different types of animals in different places. In this game you can hunt animals traveling from North America’s Pacific Northwest to Savannah of Central Africa. That is like an epic journey through a diverse environment. Though it is a game but it is more likely as real for its gorgeous graphic design. So let’s go to find out the awesome features of Deer Hunter 2014 for Android.

 Deer Hunter 2014

Higher Quality of Graphics: The graphics quality of Deer Hunter 2014 game is very high qualified. You always seen that you hunt the animals in real environment during playing Deer Hunter 2014.


Hunting Region: There is an epic journey is waiting for you through North America’s Pacific Northwest to Savannah of Central Africa in a tough environment to hunt the most exotic animals of the world.


Club Hunts: You can join with your friends globally and you can co-operate any challenge with different teams. There you have to work together to hunt animals and get rewards.


Animals: There are over 100 spices of animal in a diverse environment are included into the game for your hunting. You have to start hunting with deer but in cases when any predators like wolf, beer etc. come to attack, you can also shoot them with your rifle.


Shooting Weapons: You can use many harsh weapons to hunt like as normal rifle and sniper rifle. You can also customize your weapons endlessly to upgrade barrels, magazines, scopes, stocks and many more for perfect hunting.


Levels: You have to complete the hunting of every level to go to the next level where you can use more weapon and accessories for your rifles to face more effective hunting environment.


Trophies: To win the trophies you have to complete every single level and you can also join the Hunt Today season and grasp the achievements of leader board in Google play.


It is true that hunting is painful but it is very funny when it is a game like Deer Hunting 2014. Playing this game you will acheive the experience of hunting and more fun. I have played it at my android phone and get the best taste of hunting same as real. So I recommend you to try Deer Hunting 2014 for better hunting experience and to share with your friends.


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