How to Delete Skype History on Android


Skype is a very popular app for calling and messaging. It becomes a must have app for every users who need to contact with his/her friends, family, clients and for official purpose. Skype is available for most of the platform and along with all the platforms Skype is popular on Android equally. Every Android users like to have Skype installed on their device and most of Android device get Skype per-installed. Every thing is okay about Skype but a very big problem which is there is no option to delete the Skype history like chat history, call history and so on. For the lacking of this option on Skype Mobile version users loose their privacy. In my case it happened the same. So, after researching a lot i find out some ways to delete Skype history on Android Mobile version. So, guys let the show the ways to delete Skype history on Android.

delete skype chat history on android

Delete Skype History on Android

Here are some ways to delete Skype History. Try these ways and get out of tension to loose your privacy.

1. Delete Skype Data

You can delete Skype History by deleting the application data to do so just go to Settings > Applications > Admin Applications > Skype > Delete data. After deleting Skype data you need to sign to your Skype account providing your username and password.

2. Uninstall Skype

There is another option which is to uninstall Skype from your device to do so go to to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, select Skype and then select Uninstall. After uninstalling Skype install Skype and sign to your account and every should be okay.

From this problem users have also contacted with Skype and Skype said,

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to remove your chat history directly, but you can delete it by removing the Skype application and then downloading it again.

So, guys I think there have no other solution to delete Skype history other than the two ways I showed above.


  1. whow! I’ve been looking for a solution everywhere and this is the first helpful answer. Thanks a lot.

  2. Ankur Raiyani on


    How can i sync chat history of Android mobile with my Window machine?
    Please help.


  3. Hi, you ARE a genious. I would have not ever think to go to the app manager and clear the skype data. Surely, as soon as I cleared the data, it “logged” me out automatically. But, the tip WORKED like a charm. Brilliant!

  4. Really? Is it an ACCEPTED solution to ERASE my program data? I have to use an OS feature to get rid of sensitive data? Really? Can’t they add a button to clear it? This is SHAME. Is Skype source open? If it’s open, I happily add a button to it…

  5. Hi Bipul Khan, Hats off, I have seen some wonderful remarks here on your professional supports. Good and Thanks,

    Btw, i am using Samsung Note II, I tried all these exercises i.e. going to Settings / Application Manager / Skype / Clear Data & Clear Cache and also I keep press on the name and ‘remove from recent’….but again when I re-log in all my previous histroy of the order of atleast 1 week or so is appearing back. For security and privacy, could you please advise me how, upon log out, I can clear the histroy once for all. Appreciate your kind help. Many Thanks in advance.

  6. Thanks, I’m new to metro apps. If I uninstall to remove chat history. When I uninstall Skype, then reinstall, do I loose all my contacts and have to start everything from scratch? What angers me, is all my chat history on my win8 computer auto downloaded to my tablet AFTER I already deleted from my computer. Is there a way to prevent the history from opening in my android tablet that was turned off with no history. Only to discover AFTER clearing my history on my win 8 laptop (quite easy to do), when I turn on and open Skype on the android tablet suddenly appears. Will I have to uninstall Skype from my table every day just to maintain privacy and no chat history on a devise I rarely use for Skype> Thanks for your insight.

  7. Hi I have a question, if i delete the history on my computer, will it still appear in other devices like my mobile or laptop?

  8. it didn’t work on my tablet!
    I have done all the solutions suggested here and other forums, no result yet.It seems there’s no way to delete skype chat history!

  9. it is useless i tried several times it doesnt work at all so dont make ppl anymore i tried alot it doesnt work. delete data or skype, wheneva u r gona reinstall skype and login again,data(msgs) is still there…

  10. Hi

    I tried both ways and nothing helps, when I re-install it shows my history again.
    Any suggestions?


  11. all of this dont work any more on my samsung S3 mini
    in the past ik could clean the history like you say but it wont work anymore now??? i clear de chache, ik removed the app en reinstalled en my history stay on my phone who know a soloution? i tryped evertything i found on the internet

  12. I have been able to remove chat history from my android phone. But does this also mean that chat history has been deleted from the other phone from where I also skyped ?

  13. I have an S3 mini. I have tried everything. Everything mentioned above plus complete factory reset. On re installing Skype the old chats are back! I shall never use Skype again! Other apps are more secure and are more careful with personal information.

  14. I m using samsung s3 .prb is whenever I m nt using my mbile I dnt get any skype notification like calls or mssgs . Although the skype z signed in ….. I m very frustrated plz hrlp

    • Rasel Rony on

      Seems, your Skype is signed in but not working in background. The best way to find out the possible reason behind this problem is uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

      Additionally you can check if there is any task killer app which killing the background app process. Let me know if you are using any cleaner or performance optimizer app.

  15. Dinesh singh panwar on

    You just go to app setting =>and clear cookies and clear data…No need to uninstall mobile app of sKype…It will work..try it now..

  16. To delete the history, delete the contact. You can then add the contact again in the normal way. Chats will disappear, but the record of phone calls will come back (person and date/time) This appears to be part of MS’s contribution to the US government’s requirement to have access to phone call data and so far I’ve not found any way round it. Apart from not using Skype of course. Use Viber and you can delete history easily

  17. They do not want to fix it because the best control our privacy,
    at any time can know the location, they talk and our message,
    The CIA is for them a little kid :)))))

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