Expand Android Internal Memory with link2SD


In most of the Android phones internal memory remains low which is between 200-400MB. And in most of the cases generally the apps get installed in the internal memory so it take spaces and finally when internal memory becomes full your phone get slow or hanged. Though there is chance to install the apps in SD card but in most of the cases they get installed in the internal memory in default. So to get release from this problem the best solution is to use link2SD which let you install the apps in a separate partition of your SD card.

Recently I’ve shared a post called Manage Apps Easily with App 2 SD (app manager) for Android



Let me show the way to expand internal memory with link2SD.


  1. Your phone must be rooted. Rooting of your phone varies on your phone model.
  2. There should have two partitions and you should backup files from the SD card.

Step-1: Create partition on SD card:

There are two ways to create partition. I recommend you to use Clockworkmod Recovery to create partition.

Creating Partition with Clockworkmod Recovery:

    • At first go to the Recovery

clockwordmod recovery

  • Then go to Advanced menu and select partition sd card

  • In this step it will let you choose the Ext size, select 512M or 1024M.

clockwordmod recovery3

  • In the next step it will ask you to choose Swap Size, select 0M or 128M

clockwordmod recovery4

  • Now it will start creating partition, wait for a while to get the process completed.

We have completed creating partition now its time to configure link2SD.

Configuring link2SD:

  • At first download link2SD

  • Now install the app and launch it.

  • When you launch the app it will ask to get superuser access.
  • Allow the request

link2sd settings3

  • Now it will as you to select the file system of your SD card’s second partition, select ext2 and tap OK.

link2sd settings4

  • Now it will ask you to restart the phone, just tap OK to restart.
  • After restarting your phone launch the link2SD app again.

link2sd settings5

  • It will show you a dialogue, tap OK

link2sd settings6

  • Now tap on the icon which you see in the screenshot and choose multi-select to select all.

link2sd settings7

  • In this step go to Actions menu and select Create link then tick all the 3 options and tap OK

link2sd settings8

link2sd settings9

link2sd settings10

  • Now configure the settings to create auto link in future.

link2sd settings11

link2sd settings12

  • To do this go to Menu>Setting and Auto link and tick all the 3 options.
  • Now exit the apps and forget about internal memory.
  • To check memory status, launch link2SD and go to Storage Info.

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  1. sir, i am currently on the last part of the creating partition in the SD card when it shut-down and there is a sign “no command” , i really dont know what to do. Im just following your instruction and … i doesnt open . please, help me what to do.

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