How to Install Theme on Android


To give your Android a new look the easiest and simplest way is to install a theme on your Android. A theme can change the whole look of you Android. So, you got a nice theme for your Android and now to need to install the theme but unfortunately you don’t know the way to install theme on Android. Don’t worry I’m here to help you cause in this post I’m going to share how to install theme on Android.

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Install Theme on Android

Note: Your Android device must be rooted to install theme on Android

  • Go to the theme file location and change the theme file name to “
  • Copy the theme file and paste it to the root directory of SD Card
  • Now you need to make a backup up of your Android so we are going to recover the phone to its original settings and condition
  • Now you should reboot your Android in Recovery Mode and do it just press and hold your phone’s Power button until the Android Logo appears
  • Release the button to let the Recovery Screen come
  • In the Recovery Screen simply scroll down and select the version of your Android and wait for a moment to get the backup process completed
  • When the backup get completed it show “backup complete” on the screen
  • Now your Android is ready get the them applied to apply the theme scroll got the SD Card and select “” file and press the “Home” button to confirm the selection of the theme
  • Wait until it shows “install from¬† sdcard complete”
  • Now reboot your Android and it should take about 5-10 minutes and your phone will come with the new theme which you just installed

So, guys let grab nice themes and install the themes easily following the steps shown above.

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