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Internet is a crowdy place for Android  because over 700,000 applications are available here. But finding new apps for Android are actually worth all Android users’ time is getting difficult day by day, because number of apps are increasing gradually. So, its becoming too hard to find the best one for you. I already shared best apps on about all app category. Now its time to get the must have Android apps. Here in this post I’m going to share 5 Must Android Tools Apps of this year which means must have Android apps 2014, is given for you to download them easily. Let’s have a look on them.

1. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is a popular must have Android tool app for your device. It is incredibly simple and very attractive flashlight application.This tool Will use your device’s screen or camera LED  as a torch.Tiny Flashlight is obviously one of the the best led flashlight app on the Android Market. Here some attractive features are given for you.

Tiny Flashlight + LED


  • Wide range of devices are supported by Tiny Flashlight + LED,  to use camera flashlight (LED flash) as a torch.
  • It’s also provides brightest flashlight, because it properly uses your  camera flashlight or screen, that emits intense light in the dark  place.
  • Attractive  widgets are available for you.
  • It provides great and bright screen lights.
  • It also provides you one of the best flashlight support.
  • Best tool for tablets as well as smartphone.
  • It is totally free to download.

Used Light Sources:

1. Camera LED Flashlight – This tool Uses camera flashlight of your smartphone to provide brighter light. If your devices don’t have a camera flashlight. In this case  your device screen is used as a torch.

2. Screen Light – Here white screen flashlight is used because it is bright enough to emit light.If youv have flashlight LED but you want to use your screen as a light source considering battery, it is possible by this tool.

3. With this tool you can turn your phone as warning Lights, Police Lights, Color Flashlight, Strobe Flashlight, Morse Code, Text to Morse, Manual Morse Code, Camera Light as you need in many different situation.

4.You can change brightness and color of your screen anytime easily.

Tiny Flashlight + LED is widely used and popular tool for Android. So start downloading this free tool right now and use your LED Flash smartly to enlighten your surroundings.

Nikolay Ananiev
Package Name: com.devuni.flashlight

2. Google Translate

Google Translate is a free popular tool for Android to translate words and phrases for more than 65 languages. The great and amazing feature of Google Translate Android app is that it can translate your own voice to your desired languages.

Google Translate android app


  • It can translate text between 65 languages.
  • It can translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (for 17 languages available).
  • You can use camera to take a picture and can brush pictured text to translate (available for Android 2.3 and above it)
  • You can listen things after translations (Available for 40 languages).
  • You can able to communicate with another person through a feature called speech-to-speech translation in conversation mode (ALPHA, 14 languages).
  • It can display translations in full screen mode to make that is easier to read.
  • It will memory your favorite translations for quick access, even offline mode.
  • It can spell out the translation of non-Latin languages (examp. Chinese, Japanese etc.) to read it phonetically.
  • It can be linked with additional dictionary results to view single word or phrase.
  • You can Push the handwriting button and simply write the word or other to translate it.

So, Google Translate is an important and very useful for all Android user and it is free. Let’s download it now and experience the ease of using various languages by translating them in your writing.

Google Translate
Google Inc.
Package Name: com.google.android.apps.translate

3. avast!  Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security is widely used on Android for remoting cell phone tracker and advanced Malware protection ( USSD blocker enabled ). It is recommended by experts and authorities like-  Android authorities, AV-Test, PCAdvisor, Techworld, and others. over 10 million users used this tool on their devices for better protection.

avast! Mobile Security


  • It thoroughly scans installed apps on your device and memory card suspicious files on demand and before using new apps for the first time.
  • It Scans and displays access rights.
  • It provides you remote control by SMS or Web (such as-cell phone tracking, activate siren, memory wipe).
  • It properly measures incoming/outgoing data transfers on your device.
  • Active web shield Scans each URL during each loading, warns you if it’s malware-infected.
  • Attractive widget gives you full control of the app from device desktop.
  • Effective web Interface Provides remote control anti-theft features such as cell phone lock, GPS tracking, memory wipe, etc.
  • SiteCorrect provides automatic fixing of mistyped URLs.
  • Advanced shield Control is enabled with advanced settings for app, web, and messages scanning.
  • Attractive UI Design is ready for great readability on your Android cell phones and tablets on demand.
  • Special SMS or Call Filtering, filters out selected contacts on your device.
  • It also saves your device Battery life, it runs only when performing tasks.
  • Active Firewall (works on rooted phones only) alltime Serves as gatekeeper for network on your device properly.

avast is the best Mobile Security app for your Android. This is the only app to ensure your Mobile security app.

AVAST Software
Package Name: com.avast.android.mobilesecurity

4. Adobe  AIR

Adobe AIR, one of the favorite tools for Android, is presented by world famous software giant Adobe. So there is no doubt about this tool that it’s powerful feature helps you to deliver rich applications beyond the browser across platforms and devices. this apps enables you to run your favorite web apps with you all the time.

Adobe AIR android app


  • Webcam support for StageVideo.
  • Stage 3D accelerated graphics rendering for Android.
  • Multi-threaded video decoding.
  • Captive run time support.
  • 16 and 32-bit color depth for Android.
  • Native text input UI.
  • Device Speaker Control.

So don’t wait for downloading this important tools for your Android, totally free and enhance the performance of your device dramatically.

Adobe AIR
Package Name: com.adobe.air

5. Android Assistant(18 Features)

Android Assistant is an important tool for your Android device. It is a widely used Android tools all over the world because of it’s effective features to manage downloaded apps on you phone. It’s powerful and comprehensive tools helps you to increase your Android device’s performance. It dramatically enhances your phone running speed without any problem. it also provides better battery life and energy saving on the device.

Android Assistant(18 features)

18 Features:

  1. It continuously monitor status like CPU use, memory, battery life perfectly.
  2. It acts as a Process Manage.  it’s Auto Boost and Quick Boost features  can distinguish different types of processes that may kill fatal system processes and apps in provided Ignore List.
  3. Effective system Cache Cleaner for better memory.
  4. System Cleaning feature properly clear Browser History, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History etc and enhance the performance of phone.
  5. It properly saves Battery Settings of  Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, Auto-sync, orientation, Haptic feedback, screen brightness, timeout on your mobile.
  6. Attractive file Manager.
  7. Start up Manager also available
  8. Batch Uninstall feature.
  9. Battery use.
  10. Effective volume Controlling feature.
  11. Ringer.
  12. Start up Time.
  13. Start up Silent(Menu->Settings->Start up Silent).
  14. It provides system info of your device.
  15. Beautiful widgets available.
  16. App 2 SD(Support android2.2 and later) gets more free internal phone storage space and improves the performance of your devices.
  17. It has built in batch installation feature for better management.
  18. It also stores App backups thoroughly and can restore it on demand.

Android Assistant comes with 18 awesome and unique features. So, Assistant is really a must have Android tools app. Don’t forget to get this app keep installed on your Android.

Package Name: com.advancedprocessmanager

All the 5 must have android tools apps discussed above are all very helpful for your Android device and They are free to download. Lots of Android user use these tool to improve their device performance. So start downloading these tools on your device and make your smartphone really smart to operate your web world through Android.

Last Updated on: 14 Apr 2014

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