5 New Android Launchers

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Every Android users usually like to have their device an awesome look and again they love to make the way easier it works. To customize your Android device should be hard unless you use an android launcher. So, to customize your Android device and to give it a new look you should get an Android Launcher. There are numerous Android Launchers on the Android Apps store. In this post I’m going to list out new Android launchers. And here goes the 5 new android launchers.

New Android Launchers

1. ADW Launcher

ADW launcher is a new android launcher. ADW launcher is the best launcher to tweak your Android desktop. ADW launcher let you replace the default home applications. The features which make ADW launcher different are it’s highly customizable, it supports almost all popular launcher’s theme.

adw launcher

Create unlimited group and hide unwanted apps, actionbar configuration, swap or resize your android desktop skin with skin editor, mix and match skins, folder and icons, visual desktop indicators configuration, pick, resize, backup/restore AppWidgets and numerous settings to configure.

Package Name: org.adw.launcher

2. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher new Android launcher which let you create a customized home-screen for your Android desktop. Its a powerful, fast and highly customizable launcher. Features of Apex launcher are home-screen customization with up to 9, scrollable dock, infinite & elastic scrolling, fancy transition effect like cube, table etc.

apex launcher

Hide unwanted elements from the persistent search bar, status bar, or even the dock, customize icons and labels of folders and shortcut, different background and folder preview to choose, easily sort apps by name, install date, mostly used, desktop locker, advanced theme engine to import icon packs, skins, etc, backup or restore settings and data, optimized for both phones and tablet.

Apex Launcher
Android Does
Package Name: com.anddoes.launcher

3. Launcher 7

Launcher 7 let you easily modify you Android start screen. You can easily move tiles where you want just long press on a tile and drag tile. Supports and features of Launcher 7 are it supports 2 x 1 tiles, original Windows Phone 7 backgrounds, configurable tile colors.

launcher 7

Easily open the launcher options from Application List (press menu in app list), layout animations, animated contacts tile (still work in progress), animation parameters configuration, Facebook integration and many other tweaks.

Launcher 7
Timo Kujala
Package Name: info.tikuwarez.launcher3

4. Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is a highly customizable, performance driven and home-screen replace launcher. Nova Launcher do not accept substitutes. The features of Nova Launcher are included color themes, change color of the launcher with full color picker support, supports ADW Launcher and Go Launcher themes and icons, scrollable dock to keep and sort of favorite apps, apps drawer supports transparency,

nova launcher

scrolling style like horizontal paginated or vertical continuous, change background, icon and folder preview style, backup/restore settings, add any 1×1 widget to the dock, overlap on resize or placement, long-press to send to back or bring to front, add multiple apps to the desktop or a folder at once, select hidden activities from your favorite apps, hide unwanted apps, swipe docks, unread counts badge for SMS, Missed calls, Gmail, Email, Google Voice and more. Counts show in the dock, desktop, drawer and folders.

TeslaCoil Software
Package Name: com.teslacoilsw.launcher

5. Regina 3D Launcher

Regina 3D launcher let you easily create folders and navigate folder. Every folder supports maximum 16 shortcuts. Main features of new android launcher Regina 3D launcher are intuitive 3D workspace browser,

regina 3d launcher

easily separate wallpaper for each workspace, full 3D widgets, and shortcuts can be positioned freely without much restriction in workspace, uninstall apps directly  from workspace, create folders within a folder.

Package Name: com.nemustech.regina

So, to customize of Android you should try these new android launchers. And let you know which one you like most among the launchers.


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