How to Recover Deleted Files from Android


Its a very familiar occurrence happens every time to most of the Android users. Android is a very popular mobile phone operating system which made the usefulness of Smart Phone meaningful and easy. And after the arrival of Android the percentage of data has also increased. The main reasons which causes data loss includes some mis-operations or mistakes performed by the Android users like pressing on the options delete, format, restoring factory reset accidentally or unknowingly again it causes data for the reasons like getting water or other liquid damaged. technical errors and broken in pieces. So, after the case when the Android users lost data the question which come is there any possibilities to recover the deleted files from Android like Music, Videos, Photos?

recover deleted files froma Android

Well the answer of the question may be different to different people. Some of the people will say its possible to recover deleted files cause they that there so many companies and specialist who can recover the lost data again some will say its impossible and there is possibilities to recover deleted files from Android.

But the real answer of the question may be Yes or No. The files recovery of the Android depends on the location where the deleted files were located. So whats the answers?

If the deleted files were located on the internal memory of your Android then the answer of the question is No. Again if the deleted files were located on the external memory like SD Card or other mass storage then the answer is Yes and the possibilities to recovery deleted files can be  high as long as the the files on the external memory are not damaged or overwritten.

So here comes how to recovery deleted files from Android. In this step going to show you the process to recover lost data with a popular data recovery software by Stellar Data Recovery Software which is also called Android Data Recovery Software and this data recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Android

Here is the simple step by step tutorial to recover deleted files from Android. Just follow and work accordingly to recovery the lost Data

Preparation: Connect your Android to a PC with the operating system Windows or Mac. Generally you have 2 options: via a USB cable, or use a card reader to load the SD Card mass memory card and insert to your PC or Mac. Note: when you connect and mount the phone via USB. Try doing like this: go to “Settings” -> “Wireless&Wifi” -> “USB Tools” -> Connect USB mass storage to PC and then plugging your Android device into the computer.

  • At first download the recovery software from here [ Download for Windows ] [ Download for Mac ]
  • After downloading the data recovery software install the software on your PC or Mac
  • In the software you will find option to scan in this step Scan your Android with the data recovery software the process takes a few minutes
  • android photo recovery software When the process get completed it will come with the deleted files
  • Preview  the deleted files and recover the found files  the data recovery software

So, guys lets recovery deleted files from your Android easily with the best data recovery software I shared. Let me know if you have problem while recovering the deleted files with the data recovery software.

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  1. hello i hope you guys will be able to help me. i have 4 questions that hopefully you may be able to help me with. i have a samsung s3 device without a memory card. if you are not sure about the questions a educated guess would be much appreciated.

    1. i deleted some text messages off my phone about 2 months ago and was wondering if i would be able to retrieve them. i have seen some android recovery software but i would like to ask you if you feel their is any point in trying as i have left it so long.

    2. i also deleted some WHATSAPP conversations around 2 months ago too. i have seen all over the web that androids keep a backup of the last seven days of your whatsapp history. is there a way i can retrieve even older deleted conversations???

    3. do deleted files have their own backup space on android or do they just go to a general ‘recycle bin’ where all your deleted files are stored? for example if i delete a picture does it go to a ‘picture only recycle bin’ or does everything go to the same backup place?

    4. how often would you say generally does androids rewrite over deleted files when no memory card is installed.

    i really appreciate your help and i thank you so much in advance. i have some important data i need recovering and do not want to pay out if the chance is slim.


    t henry

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