The soaring popularity of Tablet PCs


With the ever increasing population that has resulted in space constraints, ‘compact’ is the keyword we all are looking for. Whether it is kitchen, car, furniture, digital camera or other gadgets, it goes without saying that it needs to be compact. For the same reason, Tablet PCs have become a rage these days. Tablets PCs are mini version of our good old desktops/laptops with major tweaks. They are slim, easy-to-carry, lightweight, and smooth and not to mention super fast compared to the latter.

soaring popularity of tablet

Back in 2010, there was little clarity about Tablet PCs. Many questioned the gadget’s sustainability and brushed it off as just another fad which would soon die down. But the success of Apple iPad took everyone by surprise. Soon the world sat straight and took notice of the new gadget. Other manufactures followed suit and released their own version of Android Tablets to cater to the need of besotted consumers. According to several researches and reports, the number of Android tablet owners has steadily increased and it is one of the fastest growing tools in the gadget category.

Tablets cannot completely swipe off laptops and desktops from the market as each gadget has its own advantages and disadvantages. Yet, the level of aggressiveness in the Tablet PCs and Tablet Accessories market is in itself a huge indicator of this booming industry. After Apple, Samsung launched its Galaxy Android Tablet. Motorola Xoom, Asus FonePad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Google Nexus, Toshiba Tablet, Sony Xperia and Blackberry Playbook are few other players that soon joined the bandwagon. So what is it really about Android Tablet that appeals to gadget lovers across all ages?

What makes Tablet PCs important?

Tablet PCs offers the functionality of a desktop/laptop and the portability of a Smartphone. Unlike laptops, tablets are easy to carry and the wide screen makes it a great source of entertainment as compared to the small screen of a Smartphone. You can browse videos, movies, sitcoms, and catch up on news with complete ease, while on the move. Composing emails, making sketches, drafting proposals and preparing presentations is much easier while traveling using a Tablet.

Access to tons of Apps is another great advantage of using this device. In fact free or low cost availability of very interesting apps is one of the important factors that draws millions of users towards Tablets.

I would like to give a piece of advice to all the loyal Tablet users. Make sure you invest in original Tablet accessories to make the most out of your purchase and to increase the shelf life of the gadget. You can get your hands on several Tablet Accessories such as Tablet stands, speakers, and headphones. If you are a rough user, then you would need tablet accessories such as a screen protector, case, and cover. If your job involves a lot of sketching and writing, it will be wise for you to buy a tablet pen or stylus. Other must have accessories are portable charger, battery packs, tablet hard drives, and accessory keyboards.

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