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How many messages do you send every day? Well, if you are so much into text messaging, and you keep your mobile phone always at hand, then perhaps you can send hundreds of messages a day. Indeed, we are truly social beings. We cannot go on a day without texting someone, or without sending an email. We check our phones first thing in the morning, and we cannot wait sometimes for a boring class to end just so we can check our messages. Phones are made handy because of the extreme need to always be up to date, and the severe hanker for deep and maintained connection.

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Efficient communication minus the hefty costs

Today, there are several applications available not just to keep your fingers busy, but to save your pocket from the bleed. Because it is true that text-messaging demands economic and financial capacity to get sent to your intended receiver. Just when you thought you had already mastered the art of texting; you might be on your way to the far acceptance that text messaging is costly. There are data plans, which let you freely text and save you from worrying about every cent that you waste every day. However, it does not really save you from paying because you need to pay for it every month. Well, no matter what, you still need to text don’t you? So even if you need to pay just to send text messages, you are at the same time hooked.

To make life simpler, the Internet has paved the way for Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Plus and the like to assist free and easier communication. Of course, we now have phone systems reliant on the Internet, like those that come along the RingCentral VoIP service plan, for instance. To add up to these are mobile applications like Viber, WeChat, Line, and certainly WhatsApp. These applications are made to make messaging more fun and free! You do not need to pay just to send a message to your friend and loved one. All you have to do it secure a stable Internet connection, download the desired application, and you are good to go!

WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp is just one of these applications widely used by millions worldwide. So for the sake of formality and just in case you haven’t used it, let us meet and greet it:


WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application designed to let users and subscribers of smart phones send text messages, audio messages, photos, and videos for free! So to say, it is not just limited to texting, it enables the subscriber to send even more media to his or her friends.


You can personalize your WhatsApp by setting your own profile picture, or by changing your WhatsApp chat wallpaper and your status. Let others know how you feel, or how you look like by using these features.
You can even let a message be known by your other friends. Broadcast to your circle if you are running late for your night out! You just click “Broadcast message” and select the friends whom you want to broadcast the message to, and afterwards, click “Send.”
If you are an Android user, and if you are already tired of re-launching the application only to start up a conversation, after that no worries because you can create a WhatsApp chat shortcut. The names of the friends whom you precisely love having conversations with can appear on your start-up screen. To pick up your conversation with them, only click their names.


Truly, every mobile application available in the market today offers unique and efficient features for us to use. And WhatsApp has many other features that only you can explore, so why not try it today and see what’s in store for you?

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