3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr Download

Some days during the year is very adorable for people, and they always wait and prepare themselves in different ways for these days throughout the year. Christmas Day is a day like that, especially for Christian religious people. This day is very important to them, and they always try hard to celebrate the day with joy and fun with their desired persons. There are some common things to do when Christmas comes decorating the Christmas tree with light is one of the things. Now you can easily have a lighted Christmas tree on your Android. Let me introduce you guys with live wallpaper.


3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr

3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr is a 3D live wallpaper app that you can download as free from Google Play store. It is very nice to see where a lightened Christmas tree that sparkling and exact countdown to Christmas Day and the New Year. You can use this 3D Christmas live wallpaper fr for your android phone to motivate the joy and fun of Christmas. So I want to show the cool features that are included into this awesome 3D wallpaper.

Christmas Tree: There are five animated camera motion’s scene of Christmas tree that you can use. Additional tree light and exciting fireworks in this 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr that you really like.

Countdown: You can see the countdown of Christmas, New Year and more using this 3D Christmas Live wallpaper fr on your phone. It is shown also that the happy New Year scene with exciting fireworks.

Awesome Scenes: Snow falling scene in both day and night is included this 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr. Sky lanterns scene is as well available in it. Valentine’s day and normally fireworks scene is very attractive to this live wallpaper. There is an option to be able you to choose any combination of your desired scene when you rotted your phone.

Color Schemes: In this 3D, Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr vibrant color schemes range with an ametabolous color cycling mode is used to sweep through the seven colors like the rainbow. For smoother colors in this 3D wallpaper contains the 32-bit color mode.

Background Light: Gorgeous background light that is glowing, and a flare spotlight with a super shimmering sunbeam’s scenes is included in it.

Camera Angles: You can choose and customize your favorite camera angles and fly-bys of 3D animation even the speed and amount of snowfall.

Display Quality: You can increase the resolution to stimulate the display quality to use the HD option.

Performance: There are many options in this 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr to increase the performance, run smoothly and save battery power of your phone.

Options: You can see any rounded-up days as like the Christmas method or a 100% accurate days, hours, minutes and second’s method to use a single option in this 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr. You can also customize the screen positioning and zooming.


3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr is a very attractive 3D live wallpaper and anyone can use for Christmas. Though it is free featured, if you love it, you can buy it from the Google Play store to enjoy the full features. So I suggest you use 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr and share it with your friends. I use it and really I love it.

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