How to Delete Skype History on Android

Skype is a very popular app for calling and messaging. It becomes a must-have app for every user who needs to contact his/her friends, family, clients, and for official purposes. Skype is available for most of the platforms and along with all the platforms Skype is popular on Android equally. Every Android user like to have Skype installed on their device and most of Android device get Skype per-installed. Everything is okay about Skype but a very big problem is there is no option to delete the Skype history like chat history, call history, and so on. For the lacking of this option on the Skype Mobile version, users lose their privacy. In my case, it happened the same. So, after researching a lot I find out some ways to delete Skype history on the Android Mobile version. So, guys let the show the ways to delete Skype history on Android.


Delete Skype History on Android

Here are some ways to delete Skype History. Try these ways and get out of tension to lose your privacy.

1. Delete Skype Data

You can delete Skype History by deleting the application data to do so just go to Settings > Applications > Admin Applications > Skype > Delete data. After deleting Skype data you need to sign to your Skype account providing your username and password.

2. Uninstall Skype

There is another option which is to uninstall Skype from your device to do so go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, select Skype and then select Uninstall. After uninstalling Skype install Skype and sign to your account and everything should be okay.

From this problem, users have also contacted Skype and Skype said,

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to remove your chat history directly, but you can delete it by removing the Skype application and then downloading it again.

So, I think there has no other solution to delete Skype history other than the two ways I showed above.

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